The History of IC

The Innovation Center (IC) was established in September 2008 at the University of West Hungary, at the Faculty of Wood Sciences. The main objective of the establishment was to efficiently carry out the corporate and proposal based research, development of new relationships, and an intensive utilization of faculty research capacity. The formation of the Innovation Center's history is stretching back until the Wood Research Institute in Budapest ceased operating (1949 - 1998).

Wooden carving After the termination of Wood Research Institute the Faculty of Wood Sciences took over the former library, some of the equipment, and the former director of the Institute, and it started to operate the Timber Research and Service Centre until the Innovation Center was formed. In the same time as IC was established it happened a generational change, after the retirement of experienced colleagues the young people have taken their place.

The Innovation Centre had 1, and later 4 people working in the first year. Currently the IC has 6 employees, 4 PhD students and 2 academic advisors.

The expanding set of tools allows us to do higher quality research, and the same time international relations are significantly growing.

The IC take care many research programs for the industry and already implemented a number of successful developments.