Research areas of IC

The Innovation Center has substantial research work in various areas, below are the more significant ones:

Experimental test building In area of the building energy efficiency a lot of new solutions and successful projects have been elaborated by the IC staff. Among the results stands out the elaboration of the system of "Mirrorpanel" and also the results of the seasonal heat storage system. There is also ongoing research in building energy conservation and in the development of energy supply. Near to the university an experimental test building has been constructed, where lots of experimental measurements are currently going on.

There is also an ongoing research work with poplar for architectural use with outstanding results.

Photo analytic methods Our important research area is the development of methods and tools for measuring volume and the moisture content of wood. The research focuses partly for the photo analytic methods precision, at the other hand for the moisture measurement accuracy. Several new tools have been developed for the faster and more accurate measurement and sample collection performance.

There is also a research program started for the determination of the effectiveness, and for the improvement of utilization of forest and wood holding companies. Under this program a cost calculation system was elaborated, which shows the cost of each product in a wood factory. For the performance measure a new performance measurement tool is elaborated, which shows in a second's accuracy of each machines utilization or of the factory equipment.

Wood as renewable material The Innovation Centre deals in several projects with the carbon-dioxide, which is becoming more and more pressing issue. Wood has a high potential in the fight against the carbon dioxide content of air, because wood sequesters a considerable amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, at the other hand the processing of the wood also causes less CO2 emissions, than other materials.

An increasingly important research area is the development of innovative methods and their application. In this area IC has a significant forward-looking result. Our aim is to use more efficient innovative methods in research for institutes, and also at cooperation research made for SMEs and large factories.
In addition, the Innovation Center takes care of several subjects related to innovation.