The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center of the University of West Hungary introduces a new approach to innovation and collaboration in wood working area for forest holdings, and other universities to collaborate.
One important task at the West Hungarian University is to do practical research, immediately applicable in our partners' operations. The University has established a separate department, the Innovation Center.

The Innovation Center is responsible for keeping in touch with companies, surveying their research needs, and carrying out and coordinating research and innovation projects to meet these demands, in cooperation with our lecturers and researchers. Our goal is to provide our partners with on topic, high quality, practically applicable research results and satisfy their needs in terms of innovation.

The network is designed to solve our customers’ practical problems, like how to measure stock easily, or solve other challenges coming from woodworking, or wood-building companies.
The Innovation Center fosters growth, and serves uncover, unmet needs, that will make lives of people working in forestry and wood house industry easier.
Innovation Center and collaboration partners can connect with a network of more than 100 scientists and engineers mostly in Hungary, but also with foreign partners. This connection between scientists, engineers and top industry experts enables identification of local needs, anticipation of market trends, and the development of innovative solutions.

In the Innovation Center we are focusing on various industry needs that are displayed, demonstrating the latest technology, applications, and industry trends. It allows our collaboration partners to visualize possible directions when working to meet their industry’s need.
In the Innovation Center new solutions become a reality through collaboration with our customers, partners and other organizations.